West Bengal woman kills 10-year-old son after he discovers her lesbian affair

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A woman in West Bengal's Hooghly, with the help of her lover, allegedly killed her son after he found out about her lesbian relationship. The accused allegedly hit the boy's head several times and cut his hands, the police said on Tuesday.

The woman, Shanta Sharma, had been in a relationship with Ishrat Parveen prior to her marriage. Recently, Sharma's 10-year-old son discovered her lesbian relationship after which Sharma feared that he might disclose their secret to others, the police said.

Fearing he might expose their secret, Sharma, with the assistance of her lover, allegedly committed the crime.

The police said that Sharma's husband was aware of her relationship with another woman but chose to remain silent due to the fear of public shame.

The breakthrough in the case came when police analysed CCTV footage, mobile tower locations, and forensic evidence, which pointed directly to Ishrat Parveen and Shanta Sharma as the perpetrators.

(Inputs by Bhola Nath Saha)

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Aditi Sharma

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Feb 21, 2024