Pregnant Woman Prepares 30 Days Of Meals For Husband, Sparks Debate Online

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Pregnant Woman Prepares 30 Days Of Meals For Husband, Sparks Debate Online

A woman prepared meals in advance for her husband.Photo Credit: istock (Representative)

A nine-month-pregnant Japanese woman recently courted controversy when she shared her plan to cook 30 days' worth of dinners for her husband before her expected delivery date. The woman explained that she would be going to her parent's home for postpartum recovery and wanted to make sure that her husband was eating proper food during her absence. However, her act of kindness, aimed at providing nutritious meals for her husband while she was away, received mixed reactions online. While some praised her thoughtfulness and dedication to her family, others slammed the man for seemingly relying solely on the meals cooked by his wife. 

As per the South China Morning Post, the news came to light after the woman shared a picture of meals she had been preparing for her husband on X (formerly Twitter.) The woman added that her due date was on May 21. 

As per the report, some people praised the woman's effort but also stressed the importance of men having basic household skills. 

In the middle of this, a person tried to give a humorous twist and said, “Men really do not last long without their wives' care. If we had returned a few months later, we might have found only a mummy at home.”

Another user said, “Is your husband a junior school kid? Can he not prepare his own meals?”

Others were more straightforward, questioning why the husband allowed his heavily pregnant wife to shoulder all the cooking responsibilities. 

A user said, ''This Japanese woman is bizarre. She is pregnant and acting as her husband's maid. How did her husband eat before he married?''

Several people were frustrated, suggesting that wives who take on all household duties contribute to a culture where men are not expected to contribute equally.