Police enhances Salman Khan’s security

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MUMBAI: Following the

shooting incident

outside Bollywood actor

Salman Khan

's heavily guarded residence in


, the city


have deployed an additional police van with 6 to 8 officers on the main road near the Galaxy apartment. This move suggests that there was a


lapse, allowing the two alleged shooters to fire five rounds and escape before the police personnel in Khan's Y-plus security detail were alerted.

Y-plus security, provided to individuals facing high threat levels, consists of 10 police personnel, including 2 to 4 commandos. An officer, who declined to disclose the exact number of deployed cops, stated, ``Though there was no lacuna in the Y plus security, following the firing incident we have deployed additional police van and police personal.''
Retired police officers expressed mixed reactions to the incident. YP Singh, a former IPS officer, commented, ``The issue of Salman Khan with gangster Lawrence Bishnoi had been going on for quite some time. Since Lawrence is an international gangster, therefore, intelligence agencies ought to have provided a specific intelligence input in the matter, so that the culprits could have got apprehended at the planning stage itself. While the Y-Plus security contingent could be held responsible to some degree for lack of alertness in the periphery of his house, their essential role is more of bodyguards than that of an intelligence officer. It is also a hard fact that police face shortage of staff and there is a limit to the number of personnel which the government can provide to Salman Khan. It would thus be in the fitness of things that like the Ambanis, Salman also deploy a professional security team which could assist the Mumbai Police in ensuring that such an incident does not happen again.''
Former police commissioners MN Singh and PS Pasricha emphasized that Y-plus security is a good cover, but Salman Khan should also consider deploying his own personal security. Pasricha added that the shooters' intention seemed to be to scare the actor rather than physically harm him.

Meanwhile the crime branch probing the case, on late Wednesday brought Vicky Gupta's younger brother Sonu Gupta to Mumbai and questioned him. Police said that it was Sonu Gupta who called Vicky to Haryana. Sonu used to do labour work in Haryana. Police have also stumbled upon two bank accounts in which the main accused Anmol Bishnoi is believed to have transferred some money.
Police said that the two accused have started singing and have spilled the beans on their mentors-Anmol and Lawrence Bishnoi. Though they arrived in the city on Feb 28, they did several reccees of Khan's farm house in Panvel as well Bandra to understand the topography of the area.
"And as per their pre-decided plan after the shooting they were asked to move to Bhuj and prior to that dump the bike, threw the five mobile androids mobiles handsets they used in the crime. We have recovered one mobile phone which we are sending to experts to extract its contents '' said an officer. Police strongly suspect that the duo had done firing practice and hence Sagar precisely fired four rounds from his country-made pistols whose empty shells were found in Khan's balcony. Police said that as the investigation progresses they will include the names of Anmol and Lawrence Bishnoi.