Musk has unusual sexual relationships with women at SpaceX: report

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SpaceX CEO

Elon Musk has been accused of having sexual relationships with two of his employees, according to an exclusive report by Wall Street Journal (WSJ). According to the report, one of these employees was an intern at SpaceX. He is also alleged to have asked the third woman to have his children several times; she refused. He then reportedly denied her a raise and complained about her performance.
According to The Wall Street Journal, Musk in his companies -- Tesla and SpaceX, created a culture which made the women staff uncomfortable.

The WSJ's article cites text messages, emails, and other documents. It is based on interviews with more than 48 people, including friends and family members of the women, as well as former employees. The women who described the encounters with Musk had jobs that meant they worked closely with him.
Musk has so far not relied to WSJ's requests for comment.

A date, kiss and ...

"She and Musk had met years earlier during her internship, when she was still in college. She’d approached him with ideas for improving SpaceX. Her outreach had led to a date, which led to a kiss, and eventually sex, she told friends. The year after her internship, the billionaire had the fresh college graduate flown out to a resort in Sicily, before they ended things," says the report as per the documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Musk is said to have tried to restart their relationship but she rejected his advance.

"Sex acts in exchange of horse"

"One woman, a


flight attendant, alleged that in 2016 Musk exposed himself to her and offered to buy her a horse in exchange for sex acts," said the report quoting another woman.

"Have my babies"

The report further claims that another woman who left the company in 2013 alleged in exit negotiations with SpaceX human resources and legal executives that Musk had asked her to have his babies. WSJ report also cites a fourth woman employees who is said to have "a month-long sexual relationship with Musk in 2014 while she directly reported to him. The relationship ended badly, leading to recriminations over text and email as she left the company and signed an agreement prohibiting her from discussing her work for Musk."