MP man who wanted a boy hurls newborn daughter on floor before mother

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By Saurabh Pandey: A man in Madhya Pradesh’s Pilibhit, who was expecting a boy after two daughters, has been accused of hurling his newborn girl-child to the floor in front of his wife. The infant suffered injuries and died during treatment.

Nasreen, a resident of Purnapur Dehat, stated that her daughter Shabbo married Farhan, a resident of Sirsa, around eight years ago.

After their marriage, they had two daughters. Nasreen alleged that Farhan and his siblings continuously taunted Shabbo for giving birth to only girls; and they would also physically assault her on a daily basis.

Last year, Shabbo became pregnant again and a week ago, she gave birth to her third daughter at a hospital.

The allegation is that on May 31, Farhan hurled his newborn daughter on the floor at the hospital, causing harm to the infant, who passed away shortly afterwards.

Shabbo’s mother has filed a complaint against Farhan and his siblings at the Purnapur police station.

According to the doctors at the hospital, the baby was very weak from birth, and her death was due to illness, not any act of harm.

The police have stated that the husband and wife have come to an understanding, and no FIR has been registered in the matter.