Girl, 13, jumps in front of train in Uttar Pradesh after mother scolds her, dies

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A teenage girl in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura died by suicide by jumping in front of a moving train after being scolded by her mother, police said on Thursday.

According to police sources, 13-year-old Khushi Sharma was unwilling to go to school on Wednesday. Angered by this, her mother scolded and slapped her as she insisted on her daughter going to school.

However, instead of going to school, Khushi, the daughter of Ranveer Sharma, went to the Alwar-Mathura railway track and jumped in front of the train.

Locals who witnessed the incident alerted the police, who took her body into custody and sent it for postmortem.

Khushi’s father, Ramveer, told India Today that her brother is studying in class 12, while her younger sister studies in class 8.

It is believed that the girl was upset over her mother’s repeated scoldings.

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Dec 8, 2023