Fiancee ends life over 'dowry',Kerala doctor held

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Dr EA Ruwise

, a 28-year-old

junior resident

in the orthopaedic department at the

government medical college

in Thiruvananthapuram, was arrested in connection with the suicide of his ex- fiancee Dr Shahana, 26, who worked in the surgery department.
Shahana was found dead at her apartment on Monday night, with allegations suggesting she took her own life after facing difficulties in their marriage due to unreasonable dowry demands from Ruwise and his family.

Shahana's family had allegedly agreed to provide 50 sovereigns of gold, Rs 50 lakh, and a car as dowry. However, it's alleged that Ruwise and his family insisted on 150 sovereigns of gold, 15 acres of land, and a BMW car. Unable to meet these demands, the marriage did not proceed.
The situation left Shahana in a state of depression, leading her to miss her night duty at the surgery ICU on Monday. When a colleague called her, she did not respond. Friends went to her flat, which was locked and found her unresponsive, prompting them to call police. Upon breaking in, Shahana was discovered unconscious and, despite immediate efforts to save her, was declared dead on arrival at the medical college. It was revealed that she had injected a high dose of an anaesthetic drug.

In her suicide note, Shahana expressed her despair, stating that everyone seemed focused on money.