Baby In Ambulance, Driver Beaten Up For Overtaking Near Bengaluru

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Ambulance With Baby Overtakes Car In Bengaluru, Then Driver Thrashed


It's an unwritten norm to let ambulances pass. Other vehicles on the road often allow those carrying patients to overtake them. But an opposite and unimaginable incident near Bengaluru has shaken the pillars of humanity.

An ambulance driver was pulled up by another driver on the road for the mere reason that it had overtaken them. He did not just face their anger but was also allegedly beaten up. As the road rage incident turned violent, a baby waited inside the ambulance to reach the hospital.

John, the ambulance driver, said he was going to Bengaluru with the baby whose health condition was serious.

"I was taking a baby from Tumkur to Bengaluru. The baby's health condition was very serious. While driving, I overtook a vehicle. Then they came and assaulted me. Whatever happened to me today shouldn't happen to anybody else. Please get me justice," he said.

Three accused - Yuvraj, Manjunath, Latish - have been arrested in this case.